05 - 08 November 2019

Joint Workshop of Program and Performance Budgeting Working Group (PPBWG) and Budget Literacy and Transparency Working Group (BLTWG) and Participation of a BCOP Delegation in the Meeting of the OECD Network for Performance and Results

Paris, France

The two-day BCOP event took place on November 5-6, 2019 was for the first time in a joint workshop that brought together the two BCOP working groups - Budget Literacy and Transparency Working Group (BLTWG) and Program and Performance Budgeting Working Group (PPBWG).

The objective of BCOP’s two-day joint workshop was to examine good practices from advanced countries and assess potential application to PEMPAL countries in two subtopics: i) capturing citizens’ satisfaction, perceptions, and engagement in performance indicators used for budgeting and ii) technical methodology and process for spending reviews in advanced countries. Working groups also held discussions to reflect on lessons learned from advanced countries on the examined subtopics, shared updates on the developments in working group countries, and decided on the future activities of the groups. In particular, the groups advanced their work on development of knowledge products.

The BCOP workshop took place back-to-back with the meeting of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development Senior Budget Officials’ Network on Performance and Results (OECD SBO P&R) that took place on November 7-8 and to which a small delegation of the PPBWG was invited by the OECD. That was the fifth OECD SBO P&R meeting attended by the PPBWG, within the on-going cooperation between the PPBWG and OECD. This Network provides an important platform for PPBWG, giving PEMPAL countries an opportunity to share and benchmark their progress in program and performance budgeting with OECD countries and to learn and discuss new trends in this topic in OECD countries.  

Presentations from OECD meeting could be found here: