Steering Committee

PEMPAL is managed by the Steering Committee which is composed of donors (the World Bank, SECO, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation) as well as Communities of Practice representatives (Chairs of Executive Committees).

Name Institution Country PEMPAL position
Irene Frei SECO Switzerland Chair of  Steering Committee
Elena Nikulina WB - PEMPAL Task Leader

Anna Valkova

MoF Russian Federation Donor
Anna Belenchuk MoF Russian Federation Chair of PEMPAL BCOP

Edit Nemeth

MoF Hungary Chair of PEMPAL IACOP
Vugar Abdullayev MoF Azerbaijan Chair of PEMPAL TCOP

Permanent observers to the Steering Committee:

Name Institution Country PEMPAL position
Deanna Aubrey WB - Community Facilitator
/ PFM Advisor
Marius Koen WB - Donor
Ksenia Galantsova WB - PEMPAL Secretariat