01 - 09 June 2021

TCOP Virtual Annual Plenary Meeting


The main objective of the 2021 TCOP plenary meeting is to provide an opportunity for TCOP members to share operational experiences from the COVID 19 pandemic period, identify lessons learnt and discuss the implications for the further development of the treasury systems and processes. TCOP virtual events organized last calendar year highlighted some valuable operational experiences and innovations from the early months of the pandemic. It is expected that more of such experiences have been accumulated by the participating treasury institutions by now and that everyone would be interested to share and brainstorm during the upcoming meeting. The event will also serve the forum to review the results of TCOP activities over the period since the last plenary meeting and develop the COP activity plan for the future years.

The plenary will start on June 1, 2021 with a panel discussion on the challenges posed by the pandemic for management of public funds and response to those challenges by the national treasury institutions. The second session of the series will be held on June 3, 2021 and will be devoted to recent trends in cash management and forecasting and the changes that treasuries of the region introduced (or are considering to introduce) to the cash management policies and practices. On June 7, 2021 the participants will focus on the transformational role that information technologies play in the times of the pandemic to ensure business continuity of the treasury operations. The last session of the plenary will take place on June 9, 2021 and will be devoted to the topical issues of public sector accounting and reporting, including those that emerged in connection to the pandemic environment.