04 - 05 July 2019

BCOP Participation in the Meeting of the OECD Senior Budget Officials from Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe (OECD SBO CESEE)

Minsk, Belarus

Participants from the BCOP countries represented in the BCOP Executive Committee attend the 15th annual meeting of the OECD Senior Budget Officials' regional Network for Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European Countries (CESEE SBO) in Minsk, Belarus.

BCOP has established close and valuable cooperation with the OECD, primarily through this network (CESEE SBO). Cooperation with OECD provides an important opportunity for PEMPAL BCOP countries to share and benchmark their progress and challenges in budgeting reforms with countries from other networks on a regular basis and to learn and discuss newest trends in budgeting areas in OECD and CESEE countries.

This was the eight OECD SBO CESEE meeting at which BCOP participated. BCOP actively contributed to the meeting with presentations of several BCOP countries across different budgeting topics, as well as presentations on overall trends in PEMPAL countries in spending reviews and in capital budgeting, based on data collected from BCOP countries.