04 - 06 July 2018

Executive meeting of PEMPAL leadership

Budapest, Hungary

The leadership of PEMPAL network met on July 4-6, 2018 in Budapest, Hungary to review the results of the first year of implementation of the 2017-2022 PEMPAL Strategy. This meeting continued the tradition of PEMPAL annual executive meetings established during the previous year.The meeting was attended by the members of Executive Committees of the three PEMPAL Communities of Practice, Treasury COP (TCOP), Internal Audit COP (IACOP) and Budget COP (BCOP). These included 19 representatives of Ministries of Finance and Treasuries from 15 PEMPAL countries (Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Romania, Russian Federation, and Turkey).  COP leadership was joined for the meeting by the representatives of the key donors to the program. Total of 36 participants attended the meeting.   The main objective of the Budapest meeting was to review the results of the first year of implementation of the new PEMPAL Strategy 2017-22 (FY2018) that came in force in July 2017. Following the tradition of PEMPAL Executive meetings, agenda also allocated time for familiarization with the PFM system of the host country, Hungary. The main meeting was followed by parallel meetings of the COP Executive Committees, as well as a meeting of the PEMPAL Steering Committee which took place on July 6th