06 - 07 September 2018

BCOP Budget Literacy and Transparency Working Group’s Attendance at the 2018 Moscow Financial Forum and the International Conference on Citizen Engagement as a Resource for Development

Moscow, Russian Federation

At the invitation of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, a small delegation of the BCOP Budget Literacy and Transparency Working Group (BLTWG) attended the 2018 Moscow Financial Forum, including the international conference on Citizens’ Participation as a Development Resource: Russian and International Experience with Participatory Budgeting. Objectives of the event were to review Russian participatory budgeting experience and benchmark it against the best global practices; to discuss opportunities and context for implementing and further advancing participatory budgeting practices in Eastern Europe and Central Asia; and to discuss the role and goals of the government in supporting and regulating participatory practices. 

The agendas of the Moscow Financial Forum, the International Conference, and the workshop on participatory budgeting are provided in English and Russian languages at https://www.pempal.org/events/bcop-budget-literacy-and-transparency-working-group%E2%80%99s-attendance-2018-moscow-financial-forum.

Materials from the Moscow Financial Forum (in English and Russian languages) are available at http://mff.minfin.ru/en/archive/2018/materials/