11 February 2021

Videoconference of the TCOP Thematic Group on Cash Management.


The objectives of this virtual event were twofold:

  • To present to the members of the TCOP’s cash management thematic group the recent paper by M. Coskun Cangoz and Leandro Secunho on sound cash management practices (World Bank. 2020. “Cash Management - How do Countries Perform Sound Practices?” MTI Insight Series. World Bank, Washington, DC. License: Creative Commons Attribution CC BY 3.0 IGO). The paper aims to explore cash flow forecasting and cash management practices in 24 countries in various regions, at different income levels and technical capacity, and alignment to good practices based on the information provided at the World Bank workshops on Cash Flow Forecasting and Cash Management held in 2018 and 2019 (representatives of some of the PEMPAL member countries had a chance to participate in those workshops). The paper also draws on experiences and practices from other emerging and advanced countries. Presentation has been followed by discussion and comments session;
  • During the second part of the event participants discussed the launch of “2021 Survey on Treasury Single Account (TSA) and Cash Management and Forecasting Practices in PEMPAL Countries”. In 2016 the TCOP countries completed a survey on the main characteristics of the TSA and some other aspects of cash management in each country with results reported at the Ankara event in March 2016. In the last four years, several member countries have further developed their TSA and associated payment arrangements, improved their cash flow forecasting, and made progress in developing their wider cash management function. It is a good time to refresh the survey to bring all members up to date with recent reforms, innovations and other progress. The participants of the meeting had an opportunity to receive clarifications and comments on the survey questions, as well as on the supplementary explanatory note.


The mentioned documents can be found in the Documents section below.