14 - 15 July 2016


Bern, Switzerland

The progress of the development of the PEMPAL Strategy 2017-22 was considered by the PEMPAL Executive on July 14-15 2016, in Bern, Switzerland. The meeting was attended by 17 member country representatives from Ministries of Finance and Treasuries from 13 countries (Albania, Armenia, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Moldova, Russian Federation, Tajikistan). These representatives provide the leadership to the COPs as members of each of the three COP Executive Committees for the Treasury COP (TCOP), Internal Audit COP (IACOP) and Budget COP (BCOP). Representatives from the Steering Committee including key donors to the program also participated including the World Bank COP resource teams.

The objectives of the meeting were for the PEMPAL Executive to consider the progress made on the development of the PEMPAL Strategy 2017-22 and to make decisions on:

  • Approaches to identifying COP thematic priorities for the next five years, including ideas to strengthen cross-COP collaborations;
  • Feasible costing options and funding scenarios for the next strategy; and
  • How to improve PEMPAL’s methodology and approach to collecting success stories.

It was decided by the Executive to focus on these aspects of strategy development, as these were key recommendations from the mid-term review of the current strategy.