13 March 2018

Workshop of the Program and Performance Budgeting Working Group

Vienna, Austria

The Performance Budgeting Working Group will hold a one-day workshop examine performance budgeting in Austria with the Austrian Ministry of Finance and the Federal Chancellery of Austria. Austria has undergone through performance budgeting reforms and have presented to BCOP on their experiences in 2013. Thus, this will an opportunity for BCOP countries to get an update on Austrian performance budgeting reforms and to learn lessons related to the use of performance indicators in the budget decision making. Draft OECD Best Practice for Performance Budgeting highlight several aspects of Austrian experience. Some of the topics of interest of Working Group members include: roles of Ministry of Finance and line Ministries in setting and tracking performance indicators, actual usage of performance information in decision making and budget allocations, linkages between strategic planning and budgeting through performance information (including at highest government level), and connections with subnational government levels.