27 - 29 February 2012

TCOP Workshop: PFM Reform Progress in Treasury and External Financing

Tbilisi, Georgia
Members of Treasury Community of Practice (TCOP)  gathered in Tbilisi, Georgia.  Finance experts from 10 countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia were discussing Public Financial Management (PFM) reform progress in treasury and external financing. The workshop  started with the key-note speech by Mr. Papuna Petriashvili, First Deputy Minister of Finance and the Head of the State Treasury.

One of the main focuses of the workshop was to learn more about Georgia’s PFM reform, implemented by the State Treasury Service. Representatives of the participating countries expressed great interest in the electronic service system of the Georgian State Treasury and its operation principles, measures taken to put in place an integrated PFM system, as well as the General Ledger concept developed by the State Treasury (also planned to be introduced in 2013) and issues related to management and accounting of donor funded projects. Georgia is one of the regional leaders in introducing best practices in the field.    

The workshop was an opportunity for exchange of the experience in modernizing national treasury systems. Representatives of PEMPAL member countries were discussing various aspects of treasury reforms and paying particular attention to the issues of integration of external financing in the national PFM systems. On 29th of February the participants have also visited the customs clearance zone of the Ministry of Finance in Lilo district in Tbilisi.