09 September 2019

IACOP Videoconference on the 3 LOD Model


IACOP organize the video conference to present and discuss the recent changes made on the 3 LOD model. 

The event will be organized on September 9 at 13.00 PM CET via WebEx connection.
We are planning to consolidate IACOP reaction to the paper.

The following confirmed their participation:

Manferd Kesteren will be delivering a presentation on the review of 3 LOD model, followed by participants' discussion to agree on IACOP proposals.

Arman Vatyan, Diana Grosu-Axenti, Richard Maggs (WB), Edit Nementh (IACOP Executive Committee Chair and IC WG leader), Petru Babuci (IACOP Vice-Chair and  IC WG Co-leader) will join to share their views and contribute to the discussion.

The agenda and instructions regarding details of connection will be sent additionally.