23 November 2021

BCOP PPBWG’s participation in the Meeting of the OECD Working Party on Performance and Results


The BCOP Program and Performance Budgeting Working Group (PBBWG) continues its cooperation with the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD). Within this cooperation, BCOP’s Program and Performance Budgeting Working Group for the sixth time participated in the meeting of the OECD Working Party on Performance and Results. This Working Party was formerly the Performance and Results Network, but has been upgraded to a Working Party this year, reporting to both Committee of Senior Budget Officials and the Public Governance Committee in OECD.

The OECD’s Working Party on Performance and Results, comprising of senior budget officials from the Ministries of Finance of OECD countries who work in the area of performance budgeting, provides an important platform for the PPBWG. Program and performance budgeting (PPB) has been consistently chosen as one of the top priority topics by the BCOP member countries. The attendance of this network’s meeting helps PPBWG in its effort to help PEMPAL countries (i) share and benchmark their progress in PPB and spending reviews with the OECD countries and (ii) learn and discuss the newest trends in this area.

This year’s meeting sessions were devoted to (i) policy evaluation, ii) delivering results across agencies, and (ii) spending reviews.

In this year’s meeting, held in the virtual format and an abbreviated length, BCOP members from Bulgaria, Russia, Romania, and and Ukraine were invited by the OECD to attend.

Presentations from the meeting will be posted on the OECD website.