BCOP’s Knowledge Product on Modernization of Budgeting: Current Directions and Tips

November 2022

The budgeting function is undergoing significant modernization in many countries globally. This was evident from the discussions and presentations in the meeting of the OECD SBO CESEE and the follow-up work-planning BCOP meeting held in October 2022 in Bucharest. This knowledge product summarizes the key discussions from these meetings to provide an outline of the common global developments and trends in budgeting, offering advice or food for thought for PEMPAL BCOP member countries.  

The knowledge product examines: modernization of the approach to budgeting functions and spending effectiveness (including OECD’s Draft Spending Better Framework and gender budgeting) and modernization of budget communications and budget automatization (including budget clarity and understandability and IT systems for budgeting). Furthermore, the report summarizes country updates on budgeting reforms.