19 - 20 April 2021



The main objective of this training course is to present IT audit from A to Z. This one full day (2 days online) course will outline the concepts of information technology you need to know in order to understand the audit concerns in the IT environment.

Participants will learn about IT annual risk assessment, IT audit universe, IT audit engagement planning, executing, and reporting, as well as follow-up process of the given recommendations. They will also learn IT governance challenges in the public sector, including strategic IT risk management and how to audit IT Governance in the public sector; the critical business application system controls and the supporting IT general controls; Business Continuity Management audit; as well as how to be a strategic adviser to the senior management in this digital era. The training will discuss how one can use common frameworks and standards for planning and execrating IT audits, and will additionally focus on key risks and controls in such critical areas as user access to business applications, networks, change management and BCM/BCP.

This course designed for individuals who act as an IT audit and assurance practitioner and is engaged in providing assurance over IT processes, components of IT applications, systems and infrastructure. Anyone, who have general understanding of risks and controls, and anyone with little or even without any background and/or knowledge in IT audit can participate, who want ether to create or develop knowledge in the sphere of IT audit.