19 November 2020

TCOP VC: New Albanian Integrated Financial Management Information System


During this virtual event representatives of the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Albania presented their new web-based Integrated Financial Management Information System (AFMIS). The presentation covered the overall architecture and core functionality of the AFMIS as well as the key integration links between the treasury information system around which the AFMIS is built and the newly added modules. The presentation has been followed by a short demo session. The meeting was attended by 37 TCOP participants from 10 PEMPAL countries (Albania, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Georgia, Moldova, North Macedonia, Russian Federation, Tajikistan and Ukraine). Representatives of the General Budget Directorate of the Ministry of Finance and Economy (MoFE) and of the National Agency for Information Society of Albania joined the event as co-presenters. Observers from the State Treasury of Hungary and the PEMNA network also joined the session. The meeting was facilitated by the World Bank resource team.