11 - 14 October 2011

Study tour to Slovenia for officials from the Ministry of finance of Uzbekistan

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The delegation from Uzbekistan, representatives of Ministry of finance and the financial units of several districts, attended the PEMPAL Study visit in Slovenia. Study visit was co-financed by UNDP Uzbekistan. Date: October 11 - 14, 2011
Location: Center of Excellence in Finance, Ljubljana, Slovenia

The objective of the Study visit was in-depth study of practical experience in:

  • establishing effective budget system in the post-soviet country;
  • piloting and implementation of mid-term budget framework
  • piloting and implementation of programme budgeting;
  • reforming public procurement system, including establishment of the Agency for Public procurement, approval Law on public procurement;
  • developing new Public Finance Act which legalizes and supports all innovations in the budget system;
  • lessons learned on public finance management in conditions of the Global Crisis.

Study visit was held in premises of the Centre of Excellence in Finance in Ljubljana where different lectures were delivered by experts from Slovene Ministry of Finance and Government Office for Development and European Affair.



Language:The meeting was conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian. 



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