14 December 2022

SMART INTERACTIVE TALK (SIT), Central Harmonization Unit Challenges Working Group - Experience sharing: Audit Committees in the Public Sector


The Central Harmonization Unit Challenges Working Group (CHU Challenges WG) will meet on 14 December, at 13.00 Vienna time to discuss introducing internal audit (IA) committees in the public sector and consider their relevance and added value. The Smart Interactive Talk (SIT) will be an opportunity for mutual learning through knowledge sharing and exchange of ideas.

PEMPAL IACOP members and World Bank and external experts will outline good practice regarding IA committees in the public sector, highlight the challenges, and provide advice and guidance for addressing these. Two PEMPAL countries will present case studies: on the approach being taken by Georgia regarding the feasibility and advisability of introducing IA committees in the context of public internal financial control reforms and on the Romanian experience of their implementation.

During the SIT, participants will be encouraged to share their thoughts and good practices, ask questions, as well as solicit peers’ opinions on possible solutions and recommendations.

The IACOP’s recently drafted knowledge product on Audit Committees in the Public Sector will be presented. Then the discussants will share views and provide feedback on the mandate and responsibilities, composition, and reporting lines of audit committees.

KUDO platform will be used for the event.

Pre-reading material: Audit Committee draft knowledge product