03 - 06 June 2024

PEMPAL TCOP Plenary Meeting 2024

Belgrade, Serbia

Image: Getty Images

On June 3-6, 2024, PEMPAL Treasury Community of Practice (TCOP) held an annual plenary meeting in Belgrade, Serbia. The main objective of the TCOP plenary meeting in Belgrade was to deepen understanding of the latest trends in treasury modernization based on the application of modern information technologies and draw lessons for the member countries. Presentations of the Treasury Administration of Serbia set the stage for thematic discussions. The event provided an opportunity for all the participants to share information on recent developments in their countries. In addition to representatives from PEMPAL countries, guest speakers from South Korea and Indonesia contributed to the agenda. The meeting also served as the forum for formulating the TCOP activity plan for the FY2025. The meeting was facilitated by the World Bank team.