06 - 08 October 2011

Moldovan internal audit study tour to Croatia

Zagreb, Croatia

As Croatia passed all analogical steps on the way of reforming of PIFC recently, it is proper to exchange it's experience. Therefore 10 Moldovan experts will within PEM PAL Internal Audit Community of Practice visit Croatian Ministry of Finance. Study tour will from October 6 to October 7, 2011 specifically focus on organization of training for internal auditors.It has being organized by Ministries of Finance from Croatia and Moldova and the Center of Excellence n Finance, the PEM PAL Secretariat.

Study tour's objectives are:

•    Professionalism and training and certification of internal auditors.

•    Capacity development in:

    o    Internal audit methodology;

    o    experiences from Croatian internal audit;

    o    the role of internal auditor in relation to fraud and corruption.