12 October 2021

Joint Event of PEMPAL IACOP and Ministry of Finance, Republic of North Macedonia - Sharing experience and presentation of knowledge products on implementation of public sector internal audit and internal control


Based on the demand from the Republic of North Macedonia and IACOP members, the joint event will cover the below topics:

- Presentation of North Macedonian Public Internal Financial Control system, it's main challenges and IACOP members' reflections on those

- North Macedonian good practices: the experience of MoF’s internal audit department in auditing IT general controls

- Presentation of IACOP and its knowledge products

- Presentation of PEMPAL Guide: Risk Assessment in Audit Planning

- Assessing the Effectiveness of Internal Control: PEMPAL Guidance for Public Sector Internal Auditors.

The event will be attended by PEMPAL IACOP members and North Macedonian peers from CHU, Ministry of Finance, as well as number of public sector internal auditors.