17 - 20 April 2012

IACOP worked in Sofia, Bulgaria

Sofia, Bulgaria

Two back-to-back meetings were held in Sofia, Bulgaria, on April 17 - 20, 2012.  

1. At the 14th meeting of IACOP, on April 17 - 18, the IA Manual working group focused on risk assessment for the strategic planning of internal auditing in the public sector. The following topics were addressed:
-    Finalization of  the good practices for the IA Manual content template,
-    Risk assessment - differences between traditional, control-based risk assessment and a new, risk-based approach,
-    Common terminology on risk assessment, IPPF standards and guidance related to risk assessment, and
-    Building up the risk assessment methodology model of PEM PAL countries.
Planned final output of the meeting was a risk assessment methodology for the strategic planning in internal audit, consisting of the following chapters:
-    Document-methodology as annex to the IA Manual,
-    Recommendations, and
-    Glossary of terms review and development.

2. At the 15th meeting of IACOP, on April 19 – 20, the IA Training and Certification working group discussed mentoring in the certification process. 

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