04 - 05 October 2022

IACOP Plenary Meeting - Joint Event of PEMPAL IACOP and IIA Belgium - Internal Audit in Transition: The Public Sector Perspective

Brussels, Belgium

The Internal Audit Community of Practice (IACOP) of the Public Expenditure Management Peer-Assisted Learning network (PEMPAL) with the Belgium Institute of Internal auditors (Belgium IIA) will hold an IACOP Plenary meeting on October 4-5, 2022, in Brussels, Belgium.  

The IACOP Plenary meeting will discuss recent developments in organizing and performing internal audit activities in PEMPAL countries and beyond, with inputs on global good practices including from the European Commission and Belgium. Additionally, there will be updates on work being undertaken by IACOP working groups, PEMPAL recent knowledge products, and development of an IT platform for internal audit reporting and monitoring. The key sessions will be video recorded and available for broader access.

The Objectives of the meeting are:

  • Learn about the recent developments and good practices from the European Commission (EC) and Belgium in organizing and performing internal audit activity  
  • Learn about the developments of IACOP working groups, PEMPAL recent knowledge products and IT platform developed
  • Update on the progress in PEMPAL countries and beyond
  • Identifying IACOP priorities and planning next steps


After the plenary meeting, the representatives of the IACOP extended leadership group will attend the ECIIA Conference 2022 “Internal audit in a world of transition” on October 6-7, 2022.

The PEMPAL plenary meeting will be delivered in English, Bosnian-Serbo-Croatian, and Russian, with simultaneous interpretation provided. The ECIIA Conference is in English only.