17 February 2023

A blog on PEMPAL Budget Community of Practice (BCOP) Knowledge Product Published by the World Bank


BCOP’s work on developing knowledge resources has been featured on the World Bank’s blog and distributed internally across the World Bank Group. The published blog is given below. It is based on the knowledge product on Spending Review Practices in the Netherlands. The topic was chosen because the Netherlands has the longest history and most spending reviews conducted over several decades. The knowledge product provides a step-by-step overview of the spending review process in the Netherlands. It also takes a deeper dive into one specific case – the spending review on child support schemes.

The knowledge product development and its contents were decided and steered by the leadership of the PPBWG. The report was delivered by the BCOP Resource Team supported by the World Bank (Iryna Shcherbyna, BCOP Resource Team Coordinator; Maarten de Jong, Consultant and Core Author; Richard Allen, Strategic Thematic Advisor; Naida Carsimamovic Vukotic, BCOP Resource Team member, William J. Gallaher, Editor; and Kora Reichardt, Designer). Some of the BCOP’s knowledge products take a detailed stock of the status and challenges in PEMPAL countries in different PFM areas to benchmark the experiences and draw recommendations, while others, such as this one, provide a deep-dive analysis to give a detailed review of practices in a specific country or a narrow topic. Such a versatile approach to the development of knowledge products caters to the different levels of progress in different PEMPAL countries, while also providing information on concrete practical good practices.

Publishing BCOP’s work promotes PEMPAL to a wider audience. This is in line with the PEMPAL Strategy Activity Plan, which includes action on promoting the benefits of PEMPAL by COP representatives and the World Bank. Importantly, it also testifies to the relevance and quality of BCOP’s work.