28 October 2021

Audit in Practice (AIP) Working Group meeting with focus on Internal Audit advisory services


There is a growing demand and interest in conducting consulting assignments by public sector internal auditors in PEMPAL countries and globally. Back in 1998 the global Institute of Internal Auditors revised its definition about the profession. Internal audit was since then defined as an activity that provides both assurance and consulting services. Many internal auditors welcomed the broadening of the scope of work, but many others didn’t know how to deal with the provision of these consulting or advisory services.

During the upcoming Audit in Practice working group meeting internal auditors from our PEMPAL network will share their experience on the provision of these advisory services. We will also listen to management, the principal beneficiary of these advisory services and to audit committee members who are the ultimate defender of internal audit’s independence.

The participants will take away good ideas on how internal auditors can offer advisory services in the public sector and thus be able to improve their added value to their organizations.

Join us on 28 October 2021!