25 - 29 October 2011

13th Plenary Meeting

Hotel Granit, Ohrid, Macedonia
Internal Auditors (IA) from 19 countries of South East Europe and Central Asia met at 13th Plenary Meeting  of the PEMPAL IACOP, which was hosted by the Ministry of Finance of Macedonia.
Workshop details:
Date: October 25-29, 2011
Location: Ohrid, Macedonia
The Agenda addressed sharing of the CoP’s collective experience and providing advice on the topics related to operation of internal audit in Macedonia and to the analysis of current methodology and work practice of internal audit units annual reporting to central harmonization units and sharing experience on good practice.

Special attention was given to the involvement of all participants in active exchange of ideas and information to facilitate the process of learning through other countries' experience in advancing the reforms of public sector internal audit.

Good Working Practice Internal Audit Manual Template for the public sector (version 1, 2011) and Good Working Practice Training Programme for operational internal auditors in the public sector (version 1, 2011), both developed by the IA CoP, were presented at the meeting. Presentations were followed by discussions with the aim to get community’s recommendations for future steps and improvements.

Language: The workshops was conducted in English with simultaneous interpretations into Russian and Serbian.

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