19 - 24 April 2013

Working Group on Quality Assurance and Plenary Meeting

Tbilisi, Georgia

The Internal Audit Community of Practice (IACOP) workshop on “Quality Assurance” brought together 36 participants: 29 practitioners from 13 PEMPAL countries and experts from the World Bank, OECD SIGMA, Dutch Academy of Finance, and GIZ.

The workshop was followed by 23rd plenary meeting of IACOP. In total there were 60 participants from 18 PEMPAL countries, among them 9 resource members and facilitator.

Participants of the QA workshop discussed Bulgarian and Croatian country experience on audit entity survey and how these topics can be integrated in audit entity survey;  there were 3 country case experiences on periodic self-assessment (Netherlands, Bulgaria, Croatia); methodology template of QA was presented and discussed; review of previous results on ‘ongoing supervision’.

The working group was substantially supported by OECD Sigma consultant Mr. Jean Pierre Garitte.

In the future, this working group intends to help internal auditors to:

Ø  understand how to apply the International Standards and best practices to improve the quality of the internal audit practice;

Ø   develop a solid understanding of the process used to complete internal and external assessments of an internal audit function;

Ø  discover proven quality assessment tools and techniques;

Ø    learn from country experience on QA methodology - explore the recommended internal and external quality assessment approaches and identify the best approach for their own organization


23rd plenary meeting of Internal Audit officials aimed at Internal Audit Reforms by reviewing the progress and moving ahead.

The objectives of the meeting were to continue developing the CoP as a dynamic learning partnership, learning from each other’s experiences and learning with each other to develop new solutions; to review progress made in the working groups: Quality Assurance, Risk Assessment, Training and Certification (terminated); to introduce newly created working group: Relationship of Internal Audit with Financial Inspection and External Audit (abbreviated as RIFIX); to focus on the Georgian experience of IA reform and its challenges; and to draft key messages for external stakeholders of the IACOP about the results of this meeting.

The working tasks were distributed among participants. There were four leadership groups each taking responsibility for one aspect of the overall event (value detectives responsible for capturing the knowledge gained in event, critical friends responsible for critically reflecting on the process, social reporters responsible for creating a shared memory of the meeting, and external messengers responsible for drafting a communiqué for external stakeholders).

Both events took place in Raddison Blu Iveria hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia.


Below you can download presentations from both events. 

QA WG Agenda


Workshop survey

Plenary Agenda 

LoP Plenary

Plenary survey