27 - 29 September 2011

TCOP Workshop: Use of Information Technologies in Treasury Operations II

Astana, Kazakhstan

Objectives: The main objective of this TCOP workshop was to offer an opportunity to the interested COP members to deepen their knowledge on selected aspects of development and application of integrated financial management information systems (FMIS) in support of various reforms directly affecting the functioning of the treasury, such as improvements in accounting and reporting, strengthening internal control frameworks, etc. The participants had an opportunity to get familiar with the operations of the treasury of the hosting country, Kazakhstan, its information system and the MOF training center.

Date: September 27-29, 2011
Location: Astana, Kazakhstan
Topic:  Use of information technologies in the treasury systems

Contents: The agenda of the meeting was structured around selected issues of interest for TCOP members identified through several rounds of discussions within the TCOP leadership team, as listed below:

  • Integration of the treasury systems with external systems (integration with budget preparation systems, as well as with information systems supporting accounting and reporting at the budget user level is of special interest);
  • Transition from core treasury system to integrated FMIS solutions;
  • Information security issues arising from exchange of data with external systems, as well as the reliability and integrity of central public finance databases;
  • User administration, delimitation of access for various categories of information system users;
  • Expansion of existing treasury information system capabilities through web portal access to external users; information security issues associated with such conversion;
  • Scope for automation of routine treasury controls, including information security solutions in support of prevention of financial violations and crimes;
  • Possibilities for risk analysis through IT systems.

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List of Participants

Language: The meeting was conducted in English with simultaneous interpretation into Russian and Serbian.
Contacts: Questions or requests for additional information may be addressed directly to:

Ms. Živa Lautar
email: ziva.lautar@cef-see.org | tel: +386 1 369 6136 | fax: +386 1 369 6244