22 - 25 October 2012

Study tour to Croatia for officials from the Ministry of finance of Uzbekistan

Zagreb, Croatia

The delegation from Uzbekistan, representatives of Treasury of the Ministry of finance attended the PEMPAL Study visit in Croatia. Study visit was  co-financed by UNDP Uzbekistan.

Date: October 22 - 25, 2012
Location: Ministry of Finance, Zagreb, Croatia


The objective of the Study visit was in-depth study of practical experience in:


  • establishing effective public financial management system in a country with similar background;
  • establishing and comprehensive coverage of treasury execution of the budget, particularly implementing treasury single account;
  • budget accounting and reporting;
  • harmonization of treasury execution of budget, budget control in light of medium term budgeting;
  • lessons learned on public financial management in global crisis and on the eve of EU membership.


Target group: List of Participants


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