08 September 2009

Steering Committee meeting

via VC
Minutes of the SC meeting from September 8, 2009

Members of the Steering Committee (SC) discussed the updated Action plans and revised budgets for each Community of Practice (CoP) for 2009 CY and membership issue:
Conclusion: SC approved all three CoP’s action plans and budgets. IA CoP will prepare some kind of proposal for the membership approach.

Members of the SC discussed the Terms of Reference (TOR’s) for the CoP facilitator:
SECO will cover the costs for a CoP facilitator (for two years). They are very interested to ensure the long term-sustainability of the PEM PAL network. One task of the facilitator would be to elaborate a clear strategy for the network’s long-term sustainability and together with CEF work on preparing package of fundraising material.

Members of the SC were informed on the update of the funding situation:
At this point there are some committed funds and other potential resources that are not yet confirmed.

Members of the SC were informed on changes in leadership:
Salome Steib from SECO is taking over the Chair of SC after retirement of Mr Rich Bartholomew.
Rob Taliercio is handing Task Team Leader responsibilities to Elena Nikulina due to his new assignment in Armenia.