20 - 22 June 2007

Second Internal Auditors’ Community of Practice Workshop

Chisinau, Moldova

What we were trying to achieve:

Learning activities

  • To learn from and with each other through community-oriented learning activities
  • To hear about the practical experience of countries that have established internal audit
  • To work on some challenges faced by members who could use the support of the community

Community building

  • To reconnect with our subgroups and recognize emergent issues
  • To design the next phase of our community, including meetings, activities between meetings, and the development of shared resources
  • To have some fun together


  • To maximise focus on learning about the practice of internal audit reform while still working on building a community
  • To use the practical challenges of members as a curriculum for learning together
  • To be interactive all the time
  • To have time to network and interact informally
  • To put as much as possible of the design of the community into the hands of participants