21 - 23 May 2018

PEMPAL TCOP Plenary Meeting

Tirana, Albania

During the period May 21-23, 2018, PEMPAL Treasury Community of Practice (TCOP) held an annual plenary meeting in Tirana, Albania. The main objective of the meeting was to commence a more in-depth analysis and discussion regarding the measurement and monitoring of treasury performance. The meeting was attended by 45 specialists representing 14 PEMPAL countries

1.Presentation ”Albanian PFM reform indicators Ms. Vanina Jakupi

2.Presentation PIFC Performance Indicators” Ms. Kesjana Halili

3.Presentation Treasury Performance Indicators” Mr. Lavdrim Sahitaj,Ms. Mimoza Peço , Ms. Irena Rista. Ms. Alketa Braçe

4.Presentation Budgeting Performance Indicators-Debt” Ms. Marius Borokoci

5.Presentation ”Improving the performance of the budgeting, execution and reporting process through automation” Ms. Aurela Velo


1. Presentation “International experience in measuring and monitoring treasury performance” Mr. Mark Silins

2. Presentation PEFA framework for measuring PFM performance and example of its recent application in Albania” Mrs. Elena NikulinaMs. Jonida Muftiu

3. Country Case 1: Turkey Mr. Ilyas Tufan

4.  Country Case 2: Russia Mr. Alexander Demidov