23 November 2020

IT AUDIT: From Theory To Practice


PEMPAL IACOP continues to work on the member countries’ challenges in implementing modern and effective internal audit systems. Established in 2015, Audit-in-Practice Working Group (AiPWG) addresses the practical implementation of the audit cycle and different types and models of audits. AiPWG also builds on the progress achieved by the groups focused on Internal Control and CHU challenges, as well as application of the practical auditing tools reflecting the progress of the internal audit function reforms in the region.

One of the challenges for most internal audit functions remains managing the audit of information and communication technology (ICT). This is particularly relevant, as ICT systems are heavily impacted durig COVID-19 pandemic.  The PEMPAL IACOP organizes a webinar on this topic inviting global experts to share their experience. 

The objectives of this webinar are to:

  • Link the rationale of ICT audit to the ISPPIA
  • Explore new technologies internal auditors are already faced now, and will be faced with in the coming years following digital transformation
  • Present pragmatic solutions on how to deal with the challenges of IT audit
  • Share practical examples of resources, tools, and techniques in the public sector IT audit