11 - 13 May 2015

IACOP Study Visit to the Hague, the Netherlands

The Hague, The Netherlands
The IACOP successfully organized a study visit that brought together 15 participants from 4 PEMPAL member countries and the resource team.
IACOP participants from Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic and Hungary attended a study visit to the Ministry of Finance / National Academy for Finance and Economics, as well as Central Audit Service.
The objective of the study visit was to learn from more advanced experience of the Netherlands so that participants could consider the extent to which it could be applied in their own countries in order to enhance the participating countries’ internal audit and control systems. The areas included PIC, audit committees, HRM, CHU function, IA methodology and implementation in local governments, risk assessment, training and certification, IT solutions, and performance audit.
The outcome of the study visit is solid understanding of the Internal Audit system and its relationship with related functions in the Netherlands for country application.



Language: The study visit will be conducted in English.


Further information: please contact Tamara Simić, PEMPAL Secretariat