27 October 2017

Budget Literacy and Transparency Working Group Meeting


On October 27, 2017 PEMPAL Working Group on Budget Transparency and Literacy, operated under Budget COP met by videoconference to discuss next steps including identifying PEMPAL country cases to be collected for inclusion in the planned knowledge product on public participation, and what reforms would be feasible for member countries to consider. Information on interesting international country cases was also been provided by IBP from preliminary results of the latest Open Budget Survey currently underway, and these would be reviewed by the working group to determine which country would be best suited to conduct a study visit as planned in the BCOP Action Plan for April 2018. 

Seven member countries of the working group have participated in the videoconference: Belarus, Croatia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia, Tajikistan,  and Uzbekistan. Representatives of the World Bank, IBP and GIFT participated in the discussion.