24 November 2020

BCOP participation at the OECD Senior Budget Officials Performance and Results Network Virtual Meeting


The BCOP Program and Performance Budgeting Working Group (PBBWG) continues its cooperation with the Organization for Economic Development and Cooperation (OECD). Within this cooperation, PPBWG for the fifth time participated in the meeting of the OECD’s Senior Budget Officials’ Network on Performance and Results.

OECD’s Network on Performance and Results meets annually and its objective is to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of resource allocation and management in the public sector by assisting member countries to design and implement performance- and results-based budgeting and management reforms. This Network provides an important platform for PEMPAL Budget Community of Practice’s (BCOP) Working Group on Program and Performance Budgeting, providing PEMPAL countries with an opportunity to share and benchmark their progress in program and performance budgeting with OECD countries and to learn and discuss new trends in program and performance budgeting in OECD countries.

In this year’s meeting, held in the virtual format and an abbreviated length, a small delegation of PPBWG from Bulgaria, Russia, and Ukraine attended the meeting.

Presentations from the meeting will be posted on the OECD website.