08 - 10 April 2008

BCOP Executive Committee Meeting

Bucharest, Romania

The meeting of the Executive Committee was organized back-to-back with the meeting of Senior Budget Officials from Central, Eastern and South-Eastern European (CESEE) countries. The meeting was hosted by the Ministry of Economy and Finance of Romania and co-organised with the OECD.

The members of BCOP discussed the options for future activities:

  1. A workshop on medium term budgeting practices at the Center of Excellence in Finance on June 30-July 2, 2008.  BCOP.
  2. A video conference in May, 2008, possibly on the topic of Intergovernmental Finance. 
  3. An offer to have a BCOP Member, at BCOP expense,  attend Irish Ministry budget specialist training in June in Dublin.
  4. A joint activity with another COP. For example, there could be a joint workshop, study tour or research project with the Treasury/IT COP on budgetary accounting or the IT interface with budgeting; or an activity with the Internal Audit COP on ways to analyze project spending; or further work on Capital Budgeting.