23 - 24 March 2020

2020 Annual BCOP Plenary Meeting

Brussels, Belgium

The 2020 Annual Plenary meeting of the PEMPAL Budget Community of Practice (BCOP) will take place in Brussels, Belgium, on March 23-24, 2020 with all of the BCOP 21 member countries being invited to participate.  

The key objectives of the meeting are to: 

  • review approaches and different methodologies for costing of reforms and discuss applicable options for PEMPAL countries – including review of international practices, as well as discussion on challenges and potential approaches for PEMPAL countries;
  • to advance discussions within the topics of the two BCOP working groups (Program and Performance Budgeting Working Group – PPBWG and Budget Literacy and Transparency Working Group – BLTWG) and progress the development of  knowledge products (KPs) – including review of final PPBWG’s KP on results of the surveys on performance budgeting and spending reviews and BLTWG’s KP on public participation in fiscal policy and the budget process at the national level, as well as initiating the work on defining the contents and the process of developing new knowledge products on public participation at the local level (BLTWG) and spending reviews (PPBWG); and
  • to plan for upcoming BCOP activities based on members’ needs including to update members on overall BCOP progress since the last plenary meeting, to report back on countries’ priorities gathered in the pre-meeting survey, and to gather additional input from members to inform the development of the BCOP Action Plan for the next year.

Representatives from the World Bank, European Commission, OECD, and International Budget Partnership are invited to deliver presentations, while a large part of the agenda will be devoted to interactive discussions and group work in which participants from all member countries will take a part.

The format of the 2020 BCOP Annual Plenary Meeting will comprise 2 full working days of meeting agenda. The event will broadly follow the format of previous BCOP plenary meetings, with parts of the agenda devote to the topics of the two BCOP working groups and an additional part of the agenda being devoted to a new topic. In addition, BCOP Executive Committee will hold a meeting on March 24, 2020.